Live Performance

Below, you will find various live performances of Nigel’s music in a variety of contrasting genres. All these live performances have one thing in common, they all are exceptional and have got to the heart of the composers music. Nigel is especially proud of the work he did with his musical idle James Watson (Trumpet player and Conductor) who sadly died earlier this year (2011). To listen to these particular works, please go to: `Atlantic Toccata’, `The City in the Sea’ and `The Pendle Witches’ all of which are played by the magnificent Black Dyke Band. To hear more recordings of Nigel’s music go to Discography on this site.


I have streamed the stunning world premiere performance of  `Earthrise’ given by Brass Band Buizingen, conducted by Luc Vertommen at the European Brass Band Championships 2010
in Linz, Austria.

I would like to thank the World of Brass for allowing me to stream `Earthrise’ on to this website. To find out more about the CD and DVD go to the World of Brass website: DVD – Highlights from the European Brass Band Championships 2010

`Earthrise’ is published by Studio Music Company.



Performed by the Back Dyke Band and conducted by James Watson as part of the 1993 BBC Festival of Brass

Black Dyke Band


THE CITY IN THE SEA (Euphonium Concerto) (1997)

Robert Childs (Euphonium), Black Dyke Band, Conductor James Watson performing in the BBC Festival of Brass.

James Watson, Robert Childs (Euphonium) and the National Youth Brass Band of Wales after performing the `City in the Sea’ with Nigel acknowledging the performance.



Black Dyke Band, Conductor James Watson performing in the 1996 BBC Festival of Brass.

Pendle Witches Score Cover



Performed by Brass Band Buizingen,  Conductor Luc Vertommen.
Dutch Premiere at the Euro Brass Championships, De Lawei Theatre,
Drachten, Netherlands.

“Nigel Clarke provided Brass Band Buizingen with a brand new score out of the top drawer of his energetic imagination…
Professor Philip Wilby, British Bandsman 29/05/10



NASA photograph called `Earthrise’ taken by the Apollo 8 crew




EARTHRISE (a poem written and read by  Martin Westlake)

This poem was written by Martin Westlake to accompany Nigel’s `Earthrise’.
To find out more about Martin go to: Martin Westlake

Martin Westlake


MATA HARI (2002)

This special cut down performance of `Mata Hari’ joins extracts from all three movements, in to one continuous movement. The performance here, is given by the remarkable Saki High School Concert Band from Tottori, in Japan. The band’s conductor is Yoichi Nagatomi. Though Nigel was unaware of this edited version of `Mata Hari’, he believes that it works well.


World premiere performance given by the Parnassus String Ensemble and led by Peter Sheppard-Skærved.

The players in this performance were: Peter Sheppard Skærved, Philip Dukes, Clio Gould, Jeremy Morris, Rebecca Platt, Kate Skinner, Stephen Morris, Fiona Bonds, Susan Knight, Jenny Prestana, Philip Sheppard, Martin Storey, Cecelia Bruggemeyer

The Parnassus String Ensemble led by Peter Skaerved-Sheppard

EQUIANO (2008)

World Premiere performance given by Linda Merrick (Clarinet) and the Kreutzer Quartet.
Wilton’s Music Hall, London 08/03/09.

Olaudah Equiano



Performed by Peter Sheppard Skærved (Violin).

Score Cover



(3rd movement – Jubliate)

Royal Northern College of Music Wind Ensemble, Conductor Mark Heron

The open air premiere of `Fanfares & Celebrations’ with fireworks



Performed by Jane Atkins (Viola) 1989.



Goldberg Ensemble, leader: Malcolm Layfield. Manchester  (2001).


MATA HARI – (2002)

Ithaca College Wind Orchestra, Conductor: Kevin Zamborsky.

(II – Deceit & Seduction)

(III. Evasion and Capture)


SAMURAI (1995)

Performed by the `The Presidents Own’ United States Marine Band, Conductor Col Timothy Foley, in Fairfax Virgina, USA  (1997).

Col. Timothy Foley with Nigel after a memorable performance of `Samurai’


THE MIRACULOUS VIOLIN (Violin Concerto) (2000)

The World Premiere Performance of Nigel’s Violin Concerto given by Peter Sheppard-Skærved (Violin) and the Zagreb Soloists (leader: Andelko Krpan) in Zagreb, Croatia in 2000.

Peter Sheppard Skaerved and the Zagreb Soloists at the World Premiere



GAGARIN (2004)

Performed by the Orquestra Intemporalis under the baton of Maestro Rui Silva.


[youtube width=”430″ height=”329″][/youtube]


[youtube width=”430″ height=”329″][/youtube]


[youtube width=”430″ height=”329″][/youtube]


SAMURAI (1995)

This performance is played by the Blackburn High School Wind Orchestra, Melbourne, Australia. I have posted this performance from the `2008 Melbourne Schools Bands Festival’, as I think this remarkable playing from high school students.

To hear and see a performance of `Samurai’ played by the Blackburn High School in Australia please click on the link below


Click here to play Samurai



`The Lindisfarne Stone’ is played here by Laurence Jackson (Violin) and Scott Mitchell (Piano). This live recording was made back in 1990 at The Royal Academy of Music, London.

Score cover to `The Lindisfarne Stone’



The premiere performance of `King Solomon’s Mines’ performed by the Alabama Wind Ensemble conducted by Dr Gerald Welker on November 13th 2003.

Dr Gerald Welker rehearsing for the premiere of `King Solomon’s Mines’ with the Alabama wind Ensemble


GAGARIN (2004)

`Gagarin’ is played here by The Middle Tennessee State University Wind Ensemble conducted by Nigel Clarke. `Gagarin’ was prepared in reheasal by Lindsey Seagrove and Dr Reed Thomas. this performance was given on 14th April 2011 in the T. Earl Music Hall, Wright Music Building, MTSU, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

Nigel conducting MTSU Wind Ensemble


GAGARIN (2004)

Northampton County Concert Band conducted by Peter Smalley gave a superb performance of  `Gagarin‘ at the National Festival of Music for Youth in Birmingham Symphony Hall on the 8th July 2011. They were given an award for “pushing the barriers of Wind Band Music” after this memorable performance.


[youtube width=”430″ height=”329″][/youtube]

Gagarin: 1. Road to the Stars

[youtube width=”430″ height=”329″][/youtube]

Gagarin: 2. Orbit & 3. Homecoming


British violinist Peter Sheppard Skaerved performs `Pernambuco‘ live in a concert recorded in the USA. Peter introduces `Pernambuco‘ before this breathtaking performance.

[quicktime width=”430″ height=”329″][/quicktime]



A streamed performance of the world premiere of  `Swift Severn’s Flood’ given by Brass Band Buizingen, conducted by Luc Vertommen at the World Music Contest, Kerkrade, Netherlands. This performance can be purchased on the CD; World Music Contest WWM 500.158 (`Highlights World Music Contest WMC 2009′)



German cellist Johanna Peller performed my four movement solo cello work`Spectroscope’ (1987) at the Conservatoire Royal De Bruxelles (17/06/11). I felt the performance had energy, elegance and depth – watch out for Johanna’s bravura rendition of the last movement!

[quicktime width=”430″ height=”329″][/quicktime]



Below is the world premiere performance of `Their Finest Hour’ given by the Central Band of the Royal Air Force conducted by Wing Commander Duncan Stubbs MMus FRSM ARCM LGSM. This short overture was commissioned to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain and was broadcast live on BBC  Radio 2 from an aircraft hanger (!) at RAF Northholt (01/10/10).

SAMURAI (1995)

The Spanish conductor Rafa Sanz-Espert with the Banda Municipal de Música de Bilbao perform `Samurai’ to stunning effect.

Banda Municipal de Música de Bilbao




The 2012 French National Champions’ Paris Brass Band under the baton of  Florent Didier, give their winning performance of `Earthrise’ in Amiens, France on 29th January 2012.

[youtube width=”430″ height=”329″][/youtube]


SAMURAI (1995)

A remarkably energetic performance  of `Samurai’ (part 1) Missouri State University’s Wind Ensemble on November 16, 2011 under the direction of Dr. Belva Prather.

`Samurai’ (Part 1)

[youtube width=”430″ height=”329″][/youtube]

`Samurai’ (Part 2)

[youtube width=”430″ height=”329″][/youtube]


Black Fire (2006)

Violinist Hugo Ticciati will give the Swedish premiere of Nigel’s epic violin and wind orchestra work `Black Fire’ with the Göteborg Symphonic Band under the baton of David Lundblad. This performance took place on 14 May 2010 in the Jacobskyrkan, Stockholm, Sweden

Forgotten Heroes (2005)

The Göteborg Symphonic Band under the baton of David Lundblad  giving the Swedish premiere of Nigel’s Concert March `Forgotten Heroes’ on the 20 November 2010 at the Swedish Proms.


The Göteborg Symphonic Band under the baton of David Lundblad  giving the Swedish premiere of Nigel’s `Earthrise’ (concert band version) on the 24 March 2012 in Göteborg, Sweden.

[youtube width=”430″ height=”329″][/youtube]


Extracts from `Black Fire, by Nigel Clarke performed by Hugo Ticcciati (Violin) and the Göteborg Symphonic Band conducted by David Lundblad in the Artisten, Gothenburg, Sweden (14th May, 2010).

[youtube width=”430″ height=”329″][/youtube]


Harmen Vanhoorne (Cornet) and Tredegar Town Band under the direction of Ian Porthouse at the Royal Northern College of Music Festival of Brass in Manchester perform Nigel’s Cornet Concerto.

SAMURAI (1995)

Nigel conducts the Middle Tennessee State University Wind Ensemble on the 08/02/13 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

[youtube width=”430″ height=”329″][/youtube]

THE CITY IN THE SEA (Euphonium Concerto) (1997)

Here is a great performance of the cut down version of my Euphonium Concerto ’The City in the Sea’ (Maecenas Music) at the 2013 EuroBrass (Drachten, Netherlands) – Soloist Robbert Vos and Dutch National Champions Brassband Schoonhoven under the baton of Erik Janssen. Robbert won the‘Best Soloist’ prize with his superb rendition!